• Aluminium case
  • wallet
  • rechargeable battery
  • USB cable
  • power pack
  • carrying strap
  • 4 GB micro SD card
  • instructions


Replacement Rechargeable Battery (V070A), Li-Ion Akku 3.7 V, 890mAh

MAVOSPEC BASE spectrometer

Digitale miniatuur spectrometer voor het testen van LED en OLED lichtbronnen


  • Illuminance – Calculation of illuminance based on spectral data. Cosinecorrected measuring probe in accordance with class C per DIN 5032-7.
  • Large dynamic range – The meter is capable of measuring values from 10 to 100,000 lx, thus covering a broad range of applications.
  • Spectral power distribution – Measurement of spectral power distribution over a large spectral range of 380 to 750 nm with determination of the peak wavelength and dominant wavelength.
  • Chromaticity, color coordinates – Measurement of color coordinates in accordance with CIE 1931 [x,y], CIE 1960 [u,v] and CIE 1976 [u', v'], and display of the CIE standard color table.
  • Light quality – Measurement of the correlated color temperature and color rendering index Ra, as well as individual indices R1 through R15.
  • Flicker value – Measurement of flicker as an index and as a percentage.
  • Outstanding measured value stability – The integrated temperature sensor and automatic temperature compensation of the dark stream assure outstanding measurement results over a large temperature range.
  • Individual calibration – Each spectrometer is subjected to photometric and radiometric calibration prior to shipment. A simple calibration report is included in the scope of delivery.
  • Convenient daily use – Highly practical one-hand operation with the ring controller and just a few keys, easily legible color display with high resolution, compact design, protected transport in a high-quality aluminum case.
  • Automatic measured value storage – Thousands of light measurements can be automatically or manually saved in CSV format to the 4 GB microSD card which is integrated into the battery compartment where it’s well protected.
  • Easy data transfer – The integrated USB port permits easy data exchange with the PC. The data, which are saved in CSV format, can be imported to any desired programs.
  • Individual system integration – The open protocol for device control and data communication permits incorporation into the user’s own applications.
  • Sustainable device concept – The ability to update the device via the USB port keeps it open for future expansions and standards.
  • Ecological power supply – Replaceable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charging via USB port with external mains power pack, display of charging status and battery level, approximately 8 hours of continuous operation without shutdown.
  • Extremely long rechargeable battery operating time – Can be extended by reducing display brightness, with automatic display and device shutdown.
  • 3-year guarantee
  • 3j garantie
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