SecuLife NIBP

NIBP simulator

Though small, this complete Multiparameter Simulator makes no compromise on providing true outputs. The ability to provide offsets for various NIBP manufacturers is a particular feature of this device. The graphic display not only allows you to see what is going on digitally, it also allows you to view a plot of the overall pressure or a close-up of the BP waveform. The Flash Memory allows for field upgrades with downloads from our website.

  • NIBP, IBP, ECG, Temp, Arrhythmias, espiration, Leak Detect & Much More
  • Small, Hand-Held, Lightweight
  • Simple - One Key Operation
  • 0 to 500 mmHg Manometer
  • ±1% of Reading Pressure Accuracy
  • Digital Pressure Envelope Offset
  • Total Pressure & BP Waveform Displays
  • Adult, Neonatal, Hypertensive & Hypotensive Modes
  • SpO2 Ready - Compatible with Seculife OX1
  • Multiple Display Screens & Digit Sizes
  • Flash Programmable, Field Upgradeable
  • RS232 Interface
  • Peak Pressure Detection with Easy Reset
  • ECG Output with Full NSR Waveform
  • Sinusoidal Respiration Simulation
  • ECG Performance Test Waveforms
  • Pace Waveform
  • ECG Alarm Test
  • Synchronized Invasive Blood Pressure Output
  • Selectable IBP Sensitivity - 5 or 40 ìV/V/mmHg
  • Leak Rate Test
  • ECG Arrhythmia Waveforms
  • ECG Arrhythmia Sequence
  • YSI 400 & 700 Simulation Temperature