PV Analyzer

Analyse en rapporteringssoftware voor Profitest PV

With Integrated Customer and Module Database

The software allows for:
evaluation, graphic representation, documentation and analysis of measurements conducted at PV solar modules, as well as their administration in an integrated customer and module­ database.

    Read in measured characteristic curve values, as well as customer and module data from the PROFITEST PV
    Graphic representation of the characteristic IU curve
    - With calculated maximum power point MPP (Pmax)
    - Comparison with the power curve
    - Comparison with the TRMS curve
    - Comparison with the STC curve
    - Characteristic IU curve with display of the measuring points
    Direct comparison of measured values with values obtained under STC and values for the reference module
    Overview of characteristic IU curves for a given test series in a browser window
    Export of measured values or results (e.g. XLS file)
    Generation of a test report with characteristic curve
    Generation of an analysis with error information
    Online measurement: graphic representation of the characteristic curve and measured values (also suitable for continuous measurement)
    Customer, module and system database
    Online access to databases / data management in the PROFITEST PV
    Runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7
    The software is included with the PROFITEST PV.
    Use the link below to download the current version