PQI-DA Smart

Power quality network analyser

Solving all measurement tasks in electrical grids can be a daunting task.

The new Power Quality Interface and Disturbance Recorder PQI-DA smart, aimed at low, medium and high voltage grids, represents the A-Eberle response to such needs.

This central component can be used either as Power Quality-Interface in accordance with all Power Quality standards or as a device for all physically defined/measured values in typical threephase systems.

Beside the possibility of standard evaluations, the PQIDA smart also has a high speed fault recorder capability with a 40.96kHz/10.24kHz recording rate and a half cycle r.m.s. registration, which allows for a detailed analysis of grid disturbances.

In particular, PQI-DA smart is suitable for monitoring, registering, evaluating and recording special reference quantities or quality agreements between the supplier of energy and the end customer. In addition, the device can provide many measured values in parallel for SCADA applications via standardized interfaces such as Modbus and PQDIF over IEC61850.

Modern voltage quality measuring instruments operate according to the IEC 62586 standard, which describes the complete product characteristic of a Power Quality Analyser. This standard defines not only the purpose of use, the EMC environment, the environmental conditions, but also the exact measurement methods (IEC 61000-4-30) in order to create a comparable basis for the user.

According to IEC 62586, the PQI-DA smart is a device PQI-A-FI-H and has therefore been fully certified in external laboratories.

Power Quality Interface – Class A – Fixed Installed Measurement Device for Indoor operation in Harsh EMC environments. The PQI-DA smart meets all demands of the IEC 61000- 4-30:2015 Ed 3 +A1:2021 ) standard for an A-Class device:

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