Power quality toestellen voor vaste opstelling


Transparante monitoring van netkwaliteit en energieverbruik conform de IEC61000-4-30 ed3 / EN50160.

De LINAX PQ3000 combineert de kenmerken van een meetapparaat voor netkwaliteit met functies voor uitgebreid energieverbruik en conditiebewaking. Het valt op door de weergavekwaliteit en de intuïtieve bediening. 

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Mavosys 10

Power quality analyser in 19" uitvoering

The MAVOSYS 10 opens up entirely new possibilities for monitoring mains quality, power and energy: It's the first mains analyzer with more than 8 channels, it can be configured in a modular fashion and it provides an ideal, cost-saving solution for all requirements. In combination with an optional ¼ VGA touch-screen, the multiuser web interface from Encore series software and special AnswerModules®, all conceivable analysis wishes are fulfilled.

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Power quality toestel voor laag-, midden- en hoogspanningsnetten

The state-of-the-art PQI-DA Power Quality Interface for low, medium and high voltage networks is the main component of a system for carrying out all of the required measurement tasks in electrical networks. The PQI-DA can be used as both a Power Quality Interface compliant to DIN EN 50160 and as a measurement device for measuring all physically defined measurement quantities in AC electrical networks.

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PQI-DA smart

Power quality network analyser

Solving all measurement tasks in electrical grids today can be a challenging task. The new Power Quality-Interface and Disturbance Recorder PQI-DA smart, aimed at low- and medium-voltage grids, represents the A. Eberle response to such needs. This central component can be used either as Power Quality-Interface in accordance with all Power Quality standards or as a device for all physically measured values in typical three-phase systems.

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