Sirax MM1200

Sirax MM1200 multifunctionele monitor

The devices are designed for measurement in electrical distributionsystems, industrial plants or building automation. They may be used for the acquisition and display of standard electrical variables such as current,voltage, frequency, power and many more. All parameters may be set via the touchscreen. A Modbus RTU (RS485) interface is available for theconnection of the devices to higher-ranking systems.

Customer Benefits
Clear and unambiguous indication of measured values on TFT display
Easy operation and parameterisation via touchscreen
Automatic cyclical scrolling of measured data
Integrated active and reactive energy meters

With the CB-Configurator software the measured values may be programmed even more easily.

SMARTCOLLECT is a data management software which can acquire measured data in an easy manner and store the same in an open SQL database. This software offers basic functionalities for data analysis and for easy energy monitoring as well as the easy preparation and disposal of reports.
Devices of SIRAX SERIES are already predefined and selectable in the software.

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