WeSense - Power quality analyser

From now on, your smartphone is also a power quality device!

A real premiere: WeSense™, our newest PQ measurement device enables you to quickly troubleshoot many typical problems that are caused by poor power quality - directly at your power outlet!

A recurrent cause of disturbances and even damages are problems in the grid voltage. Private personsand large industrial companies alike: all connected loads are affected by the same ongoing developments:switching power supplies cause increased levels of harmonics in the grid and the decreasing number of larger power stations leads to an aggravation of voltage dips and interruptions. In some places, even basic voltage regulation has become a complicated issue.

We are pleased to be able to offer you WeSense™, a compact and price-effective device which was developed specifically for the above mentioned applications. Use the intelligent WeSense™ USB charger plus the corresponding app on your conventional Android smartphone - and thus upgrade it to an entry-level power quality monitor.

No matter if you use it in an industrial, office or home environment, stand-alone or in conjunction with our class A PQ-Box devices: WeSense™ provides you with a clear picture of the power quality situation all around you.


Vanaf nu is je smartphone ook een power quality toestel!

De slechte kwaliteit van de energie aan de rand van het distributienetwerk is een belangrijke bron van storingen in de apparatuur en zelfs schade aan elektrische apparaten. Desondanks worden miljoenen kilometers laagspanningsnetwerken tot op de dag van vandaag slechts zwak gecontroleerd. WeSense ™ overbrugt de kloof in de bewaking van de netvoedingskwaliteit - waardoor zeer nauwkeurige maar eenvoudige metingen direct aan het stopcontact mogelijk zijn.

Prijs: €299 (excl. BTW)