Smartcollect software

Measurement data and energy management software

Measurement data and energy management software

SMARTCOLLECT is a data management software for easy and safe measured data acquisition as well as data analysis focussing on energy management.  SMARTCOLLECT acquires, stores, visualises, evaluated as well as automatically reports all relevant consumption data of power, water, gas or heat. A modern graphic user interface permits intuitive and easy operation even in numerous measuring points. Functions and measuring points may be very easily supplemented at any time due to the modular design.

SMARTCOLLECT acquires measured data of the most varied devices in an easy manner and stores the same in an open SQL database. The software offers basic functionalities for data analysis and for easy energy monitoring. Acquired data may be combined in reports, stored or automatically forwarded. Further extension stages also acquire and visualise system quality data and include it in an EN50160 report.  The SCADA module permits the comprehensive graphical visualisation of plant, processes and procedures.

A sophisticated graphic user interface facilitates the easy and yet extensive operation of the software. The software may be used to its entire extent after a brief familiarisation period without any specific previous knowledge.

The scope of performance of the software in relation to functionality as well as the number measuring points may be easily extended at any time. This does not impair the data already obtained.