Simulateurs NIBP/SpO2

SecuLife NIBP

Simulateur NIBP

The SECULIFE NIBP is designed to meet the demand for a small, easy to use unit with multiple features to fit your exact needs.

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Simulateur multiparamètres NIBP, SPO2, PATIENT

Le RIGEL UNI-SIM est un simulateur multifonctionelle pour des appareils médicaux qui permet de simuler à une manier simple des fonctions NIBP, SPO2, ECG, température, IBP et respiration.

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Simulateur NIBP portable avec mémoire interne et clavier de commande

The Rigel BP-SIM is a handheld NIBP simulator, incorporating a range of custom settings that include a variety of paediatric and adult NIBP pressure simulations, pulse volume adjustments, heart rate, manometer mode and manufacturer-specific envelopes, referred to as O-curves.

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Simulateur SPO2 avec mémoire interne, clavier et interface BlueTooth

The Rigel SP-SIM is a hand held, high performance pulse oximetry simulator for the fast, accurate and efficient testing of SpO2 devices. Utilising both optical and electronic simulation techniques, the SP-SIM SpO2 simulator eliminates the inconsistencies that can often be associated with testing using traditional equipment like an optical finger.

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AccuPulse Handheld NIBP

World's smallest, lightest and most accurate

Accurate NIBP Simulation

Perform NIBP Testing with confidence. AccuPulse’s innovative CalTables™ deliver accurate NIBP monitor testing, typically within 1-2 mmHg or better of setting.

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